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We serve clients throughout Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois, and are conveniently located in 1750 South Brentwood Blvd, St. Louis, MO.  Call (314) 720-8470 or contact us online for an appointment.

About Us

The Legacy Group is an advisory firm established to provide an unmet need in the healthcare and capital markets.

Our purpose is to help our customers navigate through the changes in Healthcare and Capital Markets, enabling them to secure their legacy and protect future generations.

Mission Statement

To assess, advise and provide our customers with relevant, customized Healthcare and Capital solutions that Protect and Preserve their family Legacy.

Vision Statement

The Legacy Group is an interdependent team focused on establishing and developing the legacy of Our Customers, Our Employees, and The Organization.

Our Customers view us as trusted advisors in providing comprehensive, value added and relevant solutions that align with their needs.

Our Employees are intelligent, forward thinking, strategic, ambitious and unconditionally committed to learning and serving the needs of Our Customers.

The Organization is focused on providing a platform to maximize the output of Our Employees enabled by creating value for Our Customers. This is done by leveraging analytics & business intelligence, diversifying our marketing strategy, maximizing the use of resources and developing technological efficiencies.  The Legacy Group is recognized by our business partners, contemporaries and peers as the industry leader with a reputation of facilitating prosperity for Our Customers and Our Employees.

Culture Statement

Our CASETA is the foundation that promotes and encourages interdependence and comradery among the Legacy Group family with shared focus on Customers, Employees and Organization.

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The Legacy Group serves the life, health and retirement needs of customers who want to ensure their family is financially secure and protected. Fill out the form below and we will have an agent contact you.